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Coming season,from feb 2018

From 43 Lbs to 55 Lbs Min

From 160/Kg to 210/kg Max

From 5% to 10% Max

From 1% to 5% Max

3% Max


New jute bags of 80 KG

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More than 50000 MT per Year

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Port of Cotonou,Benin


Benin Raw cashew Nuts is very popular and the most wanted in the world. The quality combined with the price sets Benin RCN apart from other producers.

In the best production area, the cashew tree blooming always coincides with small rain season which gives the optimum water needed for the maximum growth. The Harvest takes place in drought season period, in which the drying process is accelerated and minimum moisture percentage is obtained(8%). 


Harvest begins in late January in some regions until late June in others. First Shipment date is announced by governement authorities. This date is usually expected to start from Mid-March.